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Summertime is harvest time. You have prepared the seedbed, sown, fertilised, kept the plants healthy – and now you want to collect your reward. If you are interested in improving your harvesting with automated control and recording yield and moisture content at the same time, we invite you to scroll further and explore the solutions we have for you!

Re-alignment of agriculture

The ongoing climate change and the food crisis that is looming, for example, in the Horn of Africa and the entire Sahel region are currently leading to a change in values with regard to agriculture in Europe. One thing is clear: the available resources – fertile soil, water, nutrients and, increasingly, also energy – are limited. Getting more from less is therefore one of the major challenges in land management of today and tomorrow.

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Our customers are saying:

Finnegan’s Farm
Monitoring crop health
to improve potato harvests

Finnegan’s Farm are a large potato and vegetable grower in Ireland. On their quest for better crops, they are now reaping the benefits of precision farming. They are using crop sensing technology to improve their harvest by adapting to every crop’s needs.

See how they are doing it.

Sustainable Nutrient 
Management for Yield Optimization

It all starts with the soil. Collection and monitoring of real-time yield data during harvest help you assess and improve soil quality to maximize future yields, productivity and profit. When paired with additional digital farm management, yield monitoring provides you with high-quality performance data for relevant agronomic insights and better decisions across the entire farming cycle.

Upgrade your harvester to collect yield data and base your nutrient management decisions on real-time yield map views.

Automatic Boom Height
Control for Sprayers

Who hasn't experienced this yet: In uneven terrain, the boom of the field sprayer will often swing erratically up and down during the application of crop protection products and fertilisers. This leads to uneven distances between boom and ground that result in suboptimal boom heights and affect the precision of the application.

However, there is a remedy. A boom height control solution that can be retrofitted to your field sprayer, and you can instantly eliminate the need for constant manual boom height corrections.

Nutrient Mapping
With Sensor-Based Crop Monitoring

Applying inputs based on your crop's need is the key and use of crop-product-sensor technology for targeted grain cultivation is one of the fastest growing segments in today’s farming. The sensor-based monitoring is a plant-friendly and non-destructive way to collect accurate information on crop health and field variability. You can measure nutrient levels on the fly or use the data to create comprehensive prescription maps and analysis on both soil and crop quality.

With Topcon’s CropSpec nutrient mapping solution, you can start maximizing yields while ensuring soil fertility for sustainable use.

Wise guidance
across the farming cycle

Maintaining accuracy in the field is essential for both crop sensing and successful application of fertilizers. 
With Topcon, you can now combine field-proven steering with leading network reception and tracking
functionality. Build yourself a wise guidance solution that fully supports your nutrient management
efforts – on any machine and farming application across the crop cycle.


Automatic and manual guidance


Touch screen


In-cab operating

Topnet Live

Correction services

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