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Drive project success with software and services

Increase infrastructure project collaboration with Topcon

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We understand that every operation is unique, and that's why we've developed a comprehensive suite of user-friendly and customizable solutions. Whether you're managing a complex infrastructure project or streamlining your field operations, our software and services are tailored to meet your specific needs.  

Streamlined collaboration

MAGNET Office and Point Manager are designed to streamline your project management and enhance collaboration among cross-functional teams.  

Fast field data integration

Field software offers interconnected data collection, layout, and management capabilities, allowing you to easily handle large volumes of field project data in real time.

Field software

Advanced scanning features

Scanning software, including MAGNET Collage, Collage Site and ClearEdge EdgeWise, Verity, and Rithm, provides advanced features for managing, visualizing, and analyzing 3D point cloud data.  

Scanning software

Hauling software

The Topcon Haul app enables remote assignment, tracking, and analysis of owned, rented, and subcontracted trucks. 

Scanning software

Remote jobsite monitoring, virtual support, and telematics

Tierra Blend+ remotely monitors position, curfew or geofence violations, maintenance and support needs, and other construction machinery data.

Scanning software

Machine control interaction

Topcon 3D-MC software provides advanced machine control functionality for many types of construction equipment. It allows machines to interact with robotic total stations, rotary lasers, sensors, controllers, and other components used in 2D and 3D machine control applications. The 3D-MC software also connects to Sitelink3D, providing file sharing and remote support capabilities.

Scanning software

Expand your reach with reference network

Topnet+ equips your reference network to scale from one station to a country-wide network. It ties together the hardware you need to tap into common GNSS constellations using CORS or network RTK.

Scanning software

Software solutions

At Topcon, we don’t just provide you with software and services ꟷ we empower you with solutions that let you work smarter and faster wherever your projects take you.

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