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MC-Max puts the “fine” in fine grading

Flexible guidance and automation systems for motor graders

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Equip your motor grader with the right tools for the job

Job sites or even project phases on the same job sites may have unique requirements. The MC-Max Grader is built on the MC-X Platform, which optimizes your machine for positioning and control needed for the job at hand.

Our motor grader solutions go beyond offering superior grading accuracy.

By enabling real-time adjustments, they significantly reduce the need for rework, leading to major cost and time savings.

Motor graders

Choose the best positioning tools for the project

Balancing a job site requires a different level of precision than grading miles of roadbed for a new highway. For example, vertical blade position (2D) information may be enough for one application, yet others require vertical and horizontal (3D) awareness.

Those 2D-oriented projects might use simple set-ups, such as a sonic sensor that follows a curb, string line, or existing surface; or a combination of rotary lasers and laser sensors.

Some 3D guidance projects allow extensive use of GNSS or GPS, while others require the use of total stations to monitor or control machine positions. Millimeter GPS may be another option, which combines the strengths of GNSS and laser technologies for even higher accuracies.

Choose the best positioning tools for the project

Indicate or automate?

There are times when a rough cut is all you need to get the job done. Having a visual indication of the proper grade and manually controlling the blade is fine for those occasions. When precise tolerances are required, it may make sense to fully automate blade control and leave nothing to chance. The MC-Max Grader provides both options at the push of a button.

Indicate or automate?

Use cases:

  • Fine grading
  • Road construction
  • Subgrade construction
  • Field and forest trails
  • Land leveling or site balancing
  • Earthmoving/earthworks
  • Road and right-of-way maintenance
Our systems are installed on motor grader brands, including:

Our systems are installed on motor grader brands, including:


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