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Easily control activities and data

Clear in-cab operating software and digital farm management enable new levels of farm management
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Why use Topcon?

Topcon has a strong track record of creating relevant crop production software, from pioneering in-cab operating software to providing digital farm management tools that effectively manage many types of data.

Easy to use and reliable

Designed and tested by farmers in all pockets of the globe, our solutions are intuitive. We have established strong reliability and support through decades of development.

Powerful, customizable and evolving

Integrated into Topcon X Series consoles, our in-cab operating software (Horizon OS) is customizable and provides digital control across the full range of crop production applications. Our digital farm management software (TAP) complements it by offering efficient data organization, including a range of subscriptions to fit your operation.

Universal methodology

Topcon digital farm management software differentiates itself through universal data management instead of restricting users to a closed ecosystem. Our in-cab operating software powers key solutions across the most prevalent vehicle types. It also includes ISO compatibility for third-party controller compatibility.

What’s right for your operation?

Whether it’s executing key activities throughout the crop cycle with our in-cab operating software (Horizon OS) or collecting essential data with our digital farm management software (TAP) to analyze with advisors – Topcon has you covered.

In-cab operating software Horizon OS

Topcon in-cab operating software (Horizon OS) is all about efficiency, modularity, and connectivity. Its easy usability drastically simplifies key operations. The same software runs on all Topcon Agriculture X Series consoles with the option of bundled or unlockable capabilities based on console selection.

Coupled with Topcon or third-party technologies, Horizon OS provides flexible solutions priced right. Set autosteering patterns, control application rates, monitor each operation, and map every pass — all from a single dynamic environment you can manage on the fly with simple multi-touch gestures.

XD plus in-cab

Explore Horizon OS features

Check out the brochure to better understand Horizon OS capabilities. Explore some of the individual features below!

Auto section control

Variable rate control


Headland turns

Machine Link

Digital Farm Management

Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Designed for farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate key operational information, the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings connectivity to every phase of the farming cycle. TAP is a simple tool to organize, visualize, and automate information, helping farmers make better decisions based on data from across the entire operation. With TAP, we now offer a comprehensive and clear path into digital farm management.

Find the subscriptions and add-ons that are right for your operation.

TAP Fields

Easily organize, visualize, and decide


TAP Fleet

Track the fleet and monitor metrics



Streamline transfer and track the fleet


Topcon agriculture platform add-ons

Grain Cart

Automatic upload of Topcon harvest cart data.


nRate for CropSpec

Easily develop precise nitrogen applications based upon CropSpec sensor data.


Satellite imagery

Measures crop and field health for insights that lower risk.


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