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On-board weighing solutions

Excavator, front loader, and material handler systems

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Maximize haulage and prevent overloading

Onboard weighing systems for excavators, material handlers, and front loaders increase safety and reduce wear and tear on trucks and trailers. Weighing material as it is loaded supports even distribution, prevents overloading, and lowers fuel costs associated with sending trucks at less than their full capacity. 

Data keeps you profitable and in control

With Topcon’s On-Board Weighing Systems you’re in control, data at your fingertips. Instant Hourly, Daily, Weekly load data maximizing output performance and full traceability of activities.

Data keeps you profitable and in control

Key features

Dynamic and static weighing modes with load targets

Advanced operator interface allows simultaneous loading of trucks and trailers

Calibrate up to 10 different attachments for ultimate flexibility

Multi-job data management

Cellular or Wi-Fi connection

CAN-based weighing module increases accuracy and reduces installation time

Rear camera input maximizes cab space

Immediate onboard ticket printing available

Weighing solutions for excavators

Weighing solutions for front loaders and material handlers

Use cases

Construction sites


Recycling facilities

Warehouses and distribution hubs


Material handling

Increase your efficiency and track your productivity with our connected weighing solutions

Combine the On-board weighing systems with our Site Management Service and Cloud-based haul truck management to gain complete insights and document your performance.

Measurement and documentation for compact and smaller loaders

The Weighlog @10 is characterized by its simple operation and flexibility. It is ideally suited for loading trailers and hoppers, for batch blending or check weighing. 

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