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Dependable guidance technology

Easy-to-use manual guidance and automatic steering built for your operation

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Why use Topcon?

Guidance and autosteering is the backbone of precision agriculture, advancing key solutions in soil preparation, seeding and planting, crop care, and harvesting.

Proven positioning technology

Satellite-based positioning, (commonly tagged GPS), guidance and auto-steering are established tools in many industries. In agriculture, global navigation satellite systems (i.e., GNSS), provide the precision measurement technology required for site-specific management and turn-key solutions that increase farmers’ profitability.

Universal compatibility

Guidance is the key to accuracy and the heart of precision farming, supporting all phases of the crop cycle. We offer modular solutions for many machines and operations.

Flexible guidance and steering solutions

We offer customizable solutions in a range of advanced guidance and steering technology solutions, including manual guidance and full autosteering. Our diverse products are designed with a balance of accuracy and adaptability for needs operators have every day – and those they can’t predict ahead of time.

Looking for precise positioning, manual guidance, or full-on autosteering?

You’ll often hear “accuracy is addictive.” That’s because when you integrate automatic steering into your operation, there’s no going back. Manual guidance has its place for basic applications, but the enhanced benefits of automatic make it something you need to steer toward.

Explore the chart below to better understand Topcon’s line-up.

Manual guidance


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Recomended applications
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Automatic guidance (Autosteering)


Automatic steering

Recomended applications
XD and XD Plus console brochure

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