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DT-Series theodolites: accurate, durable, and user-friendly

Precision measurement for surveying and construction

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Precision in every angle

A theodolite is a precision instrument used in surveying and construction to measure horizontal and vertical angles. The DT-300 offers high accuracy and durability, advanced optics, and an easy-to-use interface, making it ideal for a wide range of applications such as:

Topographic surveys for mapping and
land planning

Construction site layout and alignment for accurate building placement

Control measurements for engineering projects to ensure structural integrity

Road and bridge construction to align and maintain proper elevations

Infrastructure planning and monitoring for urban development



5”, 7” and 9”

Angular accuracy

Cost-effective layouts, site and field surveys

Ideal uses


LCD backlit display


Color display


Optical plummet


Dust and waterproof rating


NOTE: Due to interstate and international shipping constraints, Topcon products do not include alkaline batteries. Types and numbers of alkaline batteries required for each product are clearly indicated as part of the product package and should be purchased locally.

“Topcon products are more durable, more user friendly, and built to work better in the real world.”

- Scott Schumacher, Pyramid Contractors

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