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Site and Mass Haul Planning

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Soil Compaction

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Stake out / Layout

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Rough Grading

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Hauling and Weighing

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Fine Grading

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Site Survey / As-built Survey

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Intelligent Road Construction

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Underground Utility

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What is an earthmoving or earthworks project?

Moving earth includes steps from site planning to end-of-job site surveys to ensure that quality, volume of material moved, and other key metrics have been met.

Calculate takeoff quantities to strengthen your cost estimates

Site maps, project plans, machine logistics, material estimates, and other factors can make or break your profitability. Starting with a solid plan keeps costs in check, saves rework and overruns, and ensures work completion records are in place when needed.

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Minimize surprises with accurate site surveys

Verifying as-built conditions, checking the feasibility of plans and designs, and proper jobsite layout are just some of the steps required to keep projects on track.

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Excavators are just part of the excavation process

How much material needs to be moved and where? How big is the site? How large a machine should you use? Automation may provide speed, accuracy, or both – optimizing the machine to the project.

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Weigh it as you haul it to reduce expenses and risk

Every time you haul dirt, it costs money. Properly planning, weighing, and tracking movement means keeping the right type and amount of material onsite, avoiding expensive offsite trips and overweight violations.

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Make trenching simpler for utilities

It’s hard to accurately cut varied slopes for sanitary and storm sewers while avoiding conflicts with other underground utilities, such as electric and water lines. Magnet Office helps with trench creations and designs for precise construction of critical underground utilities and structures.

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Get to grade with fewer passes

Bulldozers, motor graders, and compact machines are often used to get projects to final grade. Machine control for each of these machine types can simultaneously achieve grade, save passes, and reduce operators’ stress and fatigue levels.

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Establish a firm foundation

Intelligent compaction can provide the solid foundation of base rock or soil your project needs for drainage and proper surface support. Without this crucial step, your project could literally fall apart.

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Check and report your work

Quality control checks, as-built and other reporting help document your work and reduce post-project disputes.

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