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Profit through smart seeding

Maximize efficiency and yield potential

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Sow the seeds of progress

Boost yield, efficiency, and sustainability with next-generation seeding and planting technology.

Amplify efficiency and productivity

Experience the new standard in farming with precise control over seeding and planting. Watch your productivity soar with our tailored solutions for broadacre seeding and seed drill control.

Drive cost savings

Minimize seed wastage and reduce operational costs with our advanced row crop planting. Every seed counts, and with our technology, each one has the potential to thrive.

Cultivate effective crop management

Lay the foundation for data-driven farming with our precision seeding and planting technologies. Combined with digital farm management software, track progress, adjust strategies, and unlock the potential of your crops.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our customers.

The future of air seeding here today

Doug Weist tests the Topcon Apollo Seeding Application Controller on his Choteau, Montana wheat and barley operation. Noting reductions in fertilizer costs and increases in yield, Doug praises the solution for its advanced functionality and ease of use.

It takes RTK to plant the right way

Topnet Live, a real-time GNSS satellite positioning correction service, provides farmers with consummate precision in planting applications, minimizing crop damage and enhancing efficiency. By wirelessly delivering RTK correction data to network-capable receivers, the system simplifies farming operations, making planting quicker, more accurate, and requiring less labor input.