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Farm with Precision, Grow with Confidence

Turn summer challenges into success stories. Farm with precision and unlock a season of efficient resource management, optimal crop health, informed decision-making, and a bountiful harvest. Grow with confidence knowing you're getting the most from your land.

Summer Heat? Technology to the Rescue!

During hot, dry European summers, precision farm equipment becomes an essential tool for optimising irrigation, monitoring crop health, and maximising yields.

  • Capture accurate yield data and maximise profits with innovative grain and specialty crop monitoring solutions.

  • Gain a clear, real-time picture of your harvest with our advanced grain crop yield monitoring technology.

  • Optimise inventory management, streamline operations, and boost efficiency – all from a single, reliable source.

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Summer tips

Erwitte, Germany

Visit us at DLG Field Days in June 11-13, 2024

Come and learn about the latest innovations, technologies, and trends in the European agricultural sector. Network with other farmers and industry professionals, and exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and modernization in agriculture, the 2024 event promises to feature cutting-edge machinery demonstrations, informative seminars, and networking opportunities aimed at shaping the future of farming in Europe.

Embracing precision agriculture means reduced costs and more family-time

In the Irish village of Glenbrien, farmer Don Somers grows winter and spring cereals. A staffing issue made him realise he wanted to work in a more timely and cost-effective way. Topcon technology now helps him to improve the quality and quantity of the yield and soil in an unprecedented way. And the best thing? He can put his kids to bed now!


Discover our solutions for Precision Farming

Seeding and planting

We provide seeding and planting technology solutions from air seeding and seed drill control to row crop planting and transplanting control.

Crop care

Topcon offers crop care solutions that improve the way you work from boom height control, spraying and spreading control, to crop health monitoring.


Topcon harvest solutions provide more precise data, such as our yield monitoring and harvest cart weighing tools.

Digital Farm Management

Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Designed for farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate key operational information, the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings connectivity to every phase of the farming cycle. TAP is a simple tool to organize, visualize, and automate information, helping farmers make better decisions based on data from across the entire operation. With TAP, we now offer a comprehensive and clear path into digital farm management.


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