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Weather Any Storm, Plant with Precision

The unpredictable and wet climate has been posing challenges for European farmers during the past six months – first, by disrupting harvesting of winter crops, and now delaying the seeding and planting timelines. Discover how precision agriculture can help you optimise planting even in challenging conditions.

In adverse weather conditions, 
the role of machinery becomes paramount.

Succeed in timely planting. Cover large areas quickly and mitigate the impact of delayed planting windows caused by the wet climate.

Navigate the wet fields more effectively. Minimise soil compaction and damage to soil structures.

Benefit from precision. Plant the seeds at optimal depths and spacing for maximum yield potential.

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In the spotlight this season

Sow the seeds of progress

Boost yield, efficiency, and sustainability with next-generation seeding and planting technology.

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Unlocking the full potential of soil productivity with Artemis Seeder

Using the Artemis Seeder system helps a Dutch farmer Chris van de Lindeloof and his brothers to get the most out of their fields. Seeding has become easier, more efficient and more relaxed. Chris already had a seeder, and by conducting an update with the Artemis Seeder, the system now runs through ISOBUS. The advantage is that he can now use variable rate maps, giving him a higher yield, as the full potential of the soil is realised.  

Crop Care

Flexible spraying implement control for any size operation

We offer universal control for self-propelled or pull-type sprayers. With powerful features that include auto section and variable rate for booms small to large, our solution is smart for many operations.

Crop Care

Crop Care

Boom height control

Through our Norac heritage in time- and field-proven ultrasonic sensor technology, our boom height control solution automatically maintains a pre-set height. It smoothly follows contours of the land, enabling accurate, advanced application control.

Crop Care

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Boom upgrade levels out arable undulations

When the time came for Ed Knight, Farm Manager at Hindon Farms Ltd. in Wiltshire, Great Britain, to replace his 36-metre trailed sprayer, he knew he’d need the very best boom levelling system to enable him to spray accurately and efficiently across the farm’s undulating and sloping 545 hectares of chalk downland. By installing an aftermarket system, his second-hand Chafer Sentry is now more than capable of tracking the farm’s contours with absolute precision.

Our customers are saying

Digital Farm Management

Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Designed for farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate key operational information, the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings connectivity to every phase of the farming cycle. TAP is a simple tool to organize, visualize, and automate information, helping farmers make better decisions based on data from across the entire operation. With TAP, we now offer a comprehensive and clear path into digital farm management.


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Discover how to capture accurate yield data and maximize profits with innovative grain and specialty crop monitoring solutions.

Value every acre for what it’s worth

Learn how a German farmer Marvin Bay maximizes yield, productivity, and profit with a real-time yield monitoring solution.


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