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Feed the right amount

Proven feed weighing from basic to advanced

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Why use Topcon?

Through our Digi-Star heritage, we offer proven feed mixer weighing and livestock platform weighing solutions that ensure you get the most from your feed inputs.

Reliable and precise

Built with proven weighing technology, our feed mixer weighing solutions deliver under any conditions. Tested throughout the crop cycle, these solutions provide highly accurate, dependable data.

Universal compatibility. Modular design.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into most feed mixers on the market. Our products are modular to give you more choice, whether it’s a basic display or a full software-connected experience.

Elevate efficiency and key workflows

Our solutions are more than just scales; they’re tools designed to streamline your key workflows. By delivering real-time, accurate weight data directly to your fingertips – and your associates – you can make better feed management decisions.

What’s right for your operation?

Tied to key weighing applications in feed management, we offer a range of highly compatible, easily integrated hardware.

Explore the chart below to better understand Topcon’s line-up.

Cab control app, BT SL2 controller, and load sensors


Basic feed mixer weighing

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Digi-Star 2810 BT display, Digi-Star 3410 BT display, TAP FEED app, and load sensors


Feed mixer weighing

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