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Remote-controlled pipe lasers

Precise installation for water, sewage, and utility lines

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Accuracy and efficiency in the field

Pipe lasers are used to align and level pipes during installations of water, sewage, and utility lines. 

The lasers project a highly visible and accurate red or green beam along the axis of the pipe, ensuring proper alignment, grade, and depth.

Use cases

Sewer line installations

Trenchless pipe installations


Utility pipe installations (gas, water, and telecommunications)

Stormwater drainage systems

Pipeline rehabilitation projects





-15 to 40%

Grade setting range

60 hours

Battery life


Beam color




Optical plummet


NOTE: Due to interstate and international shipping constraints, Topcon products do not include alkaline batteries. Types and numbers of alkaline batteries required for each product are clearly indicated as part of the product package and should be purchased locally.

Increase your mobility with Laser Manager

The free Laser Manager mobile app puts a display and common laser functions directly on your mobile device, meaning less time walking to the laser or climbing in and out of ditches, manholes, and tight spots. This increases convenience and safety. Laser Manager also reduces the number of remote controls you need to carry.

Laser Manager lets you use your mobile device to:

  • Automatically acquire targets
  • Remotely see and set position and slope
  • Check grade status
  • Self-level and calibrate the laser
  • Check battery status
Increase your mobility with Laser Manager
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