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Topcon Partners

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Who We Work With

We partner with other industry leaders to help better address the needs of our customers.
Together, we deliver integrated solutions that improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Topcon and Autodesk Partnership

Topcon and Autodesk Partnership

We work with Autodesk to deliver measurement and positioning solutions to the construction and civil earthworks industries. These solutions form a tighter, more seamless connection between the office and the field, bringing increased efficiency and productivity to workflows.

Connecting field and office

Together with Autodesk, we help eliminate information silos between field and office personnel. By creating shared information, collaborative design, and data environment we empower better decision-making and reduced risk of errors.

Visibility of the design

Bringing a visible 3D design model of the project into the field allows for more efficient evaluation and awareness of opportunities to improve production.

Reporting and quality control

Improve reporting progress through project rendering of as-built data. Topcon measurement and positioning sensors capture as-built information of a project and share this information back to the design team for faster changes to the plan.

Topcon and Bentley Partnership

Topcon and Bentley Partnership

We partner with Bentley Systems to deliver integrated measurement, positioning, and software solutions that better connect and improve the workflows of surveyors, engineers, and contractors for infrastructure projects.

Connected data environment

The cloud connection of Topcon’s MAGNET software with Bentley Projectwise software enables construction data exchange. Infrastructure project stakeholders have access to a real-time updated data environment to enable fast and accurate decision making.

Simplified workflows

Integrating the engineering and construction model offers real-time updates and data exchange. Say goodbye to traditional digital model workflows where data is often lost and inefficiently recreated.


Topcon and Bentley are automating the digital construction process through surveying, engineering design, constructible model development, and as-built data collection within a connected data environment to improve construction execution and reduce project costs.

Constructioneering enables project stakeholders to work with accurate 3D models of current construction site conditions as captured by Topcon’s UAS photogrammetry and laser scanners and processed into engineering-ready 3D reality meshes by Bentley’s ContextCapture software.

For more information, contact Bentley and visit Bentley.com
Also be sure to check out Constructioneering at Constructioneering.com.