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Innovative GNSS network and data correction software

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Widest set of GNSS network features and functionality

This comprehensive software package supports scale, from a local single-station operation to a full, network-modelled, country-wide solution.

  • Scalability in functionality and geographic coverage area
  • Easily upgradable from CORS functionality to modelled network RTK data correction
  • Remote interaction with CORS via internet, modem, USB or serial for configuration, uploads and data-logging
  • Automatic raw and RINEX data push to FTP
  • Monitoring of satellite and site parameters
  • Automated alerts
Widest set of GNSS network features and functionality

The complete solution to grow your network

Our innovative Topnet solution has the flexibility, scalability and functionality to meet your needs. Offering a comprehensive dual-constellation network solution, TopNET+ provides users with the accuracy and performance advantages of joint GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/GALILEO satellite tracking, no matter whether your network requires a simple CORS approach or a full-constellation network RTK.

TopNET+’s three core components allow you to upgrade at any time from using TopNET CORS for an advanced post-processing monitoring service, TopNET RTK for advanced, single-base RTK data services, or the ultimate modeled network RTK correction service found in TopNET+, extending and significantly improving traditional RTK capabilities and performance.

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