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Construction verification reduces rework and risk

QA/QC in near real-time. Conduct quality control checks every day.

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Improving QA practices with the latest technology

Construction experts estimate that rework and delays increase costs about 20% over budget. Traditional spot-checking of completed work leaves verification gaps that can result in significant cost overruns and lost profits. Fortunately, the Topcon construction-verification solution can help.

Reduce risk of rework
Increase profitability
Reduce schedule delays

About the workflow

This solution streamlines as-built 3D data and QA/QC workflows to identify construction errors and variances, almost in real-time. The GTL adds the power of laser scanning to a robotic total station so you can capture the as-built data with the same instrument you use for layout. Combine the GTL with Verity’s automated QA/QC workflow to compare the as-built data against the BIM design model and quickly spot variances—so you can check all your work every day and catch errors faster.

Comparing the scan data with the BIM model enables construction-verification workflows that are up to 10 times faster than traditional spot-checking methods.

Market segments

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

Structural and secondary steel

Structural concrete and floor flatness and levelness

Plant and equipment installation

Layout and survey

Prefabricated and modular

General contractors

The complete solution

The workflows that control and manage data and deliverables set the GTL solution apart


The GTL solution replaces spot checks with a revolutionary process that does construction verification in hours instead of days, dramatically reducing errors and cost.

What is Construction Verification?

MAGNET and GT series building construction testimonial

Workflow benefits

Verify the accuracy of recently installed work

This solution compresses layout, 3D scanning, and data processing into just a few steps. The result is a fast construction QA/QC workflow you can use to verify 100% of your recent work in the time it would take to spot-check about 5% of that work using traditional methods.


Reduce rework, redesign, and other project costs

The rapid QA workflow identifies construction mistakes before they become expensive problems. The GTL-1200 combines layout and scanning functionality into a single instrument, eliminating the costs of buying and managing separate equipment, extra training, and larger on-site crews.


Get more accurate quality assessments

Most 3D QA/QC software relies on visual heat maps to display variances. Verity’s sophisticated computer-vision algorithms also calculate quantitative-variance data for each individual element. This provides a far more accurate, detailed quality check of the project’s conformance to the design.


Automatically update as-built models in Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️

With a single click, update coordination models in Navisworks to reflect real-world conditions. Export point clouds for out-of-tolerance elements to the proper design platform so subcontractors can make updates quickly.


Share findings with all stakeholders

Collage Web offers a user-friendly online interface for viewing point clouds for collaboration with stakeholders.


How does it work?


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