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Feed what they need

Reduce waste and support healthier livestock

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Engineer exceptional livestock performance

Harness the benefits of our integrated feed mixer weighing and management software solutions for a seamless, data-driven feed workflow.

Precision feed management

Leverage our feed mixer weighing technology for precise control over your livestock’s nutrition. Deliver the right amounts of feed at the right times, maximising your herd’s health and productivity.

Integrated software solution

Our feed management software connects directly to weighing technology, creating a seamless, efficient workflow. Manage, track, securely share with advisors, and adjust feed strategies with ease, enhancing operational efficiency.

Optimise livestock health and productivity

With our integrated solutions, you can optimise feed schedules and rations based on real-time data, directly enhancing livestock health and productivity. Improve your bottom line with livestock that performs at its peak.

Feed smart and profit

Topcon feed management solutions improve the way you work.

Feed mixer weighing

Our modular-load, cell-based weighing solution works with all feed mixers. Start with basic monitoring and logging that utilize Topcon indicators and our FEED app. Easily transition into our TAP FEED management software through direct integration with the feed mixer.

Feed management software

This fused Topcon innovation with Digi-Star legacy brings you modern, intuitive, and connected feed management software tied directly to the mixer. Streamline workflow efficiency through direct data exchange and easily manage associated tasks and reports for optimisation.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Hear from our customers.

Pennwood Dairy chooses accurate data over hope

Raised on the farm with professional experience working for a nutritionist, Duane Stolzfus, feed manager at Pennwood Dairy in Pennsylvania, USA, understands the importance of accurate data. Since adopting TAP FEED Lite, Duane feels confident in analysing key production metrics, such as dry matter efficiency, and is energised by streamlined workflows.

Measurement is Tilburg’s solution for stable rations and healthier cows

Managing more than 160 heads in Groningen, Netherlands, Jan- Pieter Van Tilburg strives to boost the health impact of his feed management strategy. Taking advantage of the full feature set, from the mobile app as an in-cab display, to analysing performance on the backend, Tilburg notes how much easier TAP FEED makes his feeding workflow. With better data, he’s looking to reduce the concentrate ratio in his mix while maintaining production.

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