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Value every acre for what it’s worth

Maximize your yield, productivity, and profit during harvesting.

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They say you reap what you sow. And preferably efficiently, at exactly the right time and with the largest possible yield.
Anyone who works in agriculture, knows this can be challenging. Weather influences, soil conditions, available resources: all these variables may affect the cost and yield of your crops. A German farming contractor Marvin Bay is relying on Topcon solutions such as automated guidance and yield monitoring to optimise yields for his customers.


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With the live and real-time yield maps, we are able to inform our clients about harvest quantities and detect whether crops are mature and stock- or sellable.

Marvin Bay, Sonsbeck, Germany

As a professional farming contractor, Marvin works for several customers with several different combines, and an easy-to-switch automated steering system has become a must-have. Once the steering system is mounted on a combine, switching between machines is no problem at all. All he has to do is swap the console, receiver and steering wheel between the machines. "This makes us very flexible, at all times. Whatever machine we use: we take the receiver and we can start. It's as simple as that," he explains.

For yield monitoring, Marvin is relying on YieldTrakk - an innovative, smart solution that uses a combination of real-time data and algorithms to provide insight into current moisture levels and yield. Based on this, a farmer can optimally determine the ideal time to harvest. Thus, it ensures maximum yield from the field and high productivity for machines and operators at the lowest cost. Moreover, YieldTrakk works on virtually any combine and is easy to install, use, and calibrate. Marvin appreciates that the solution is fast, affordable and uncomplicated. And he can always trust that it is up-to-date and meets the latest standards.

The solution is fast, affordable and easy-to-use. And you can always trust that it is up-to-date and meets the latest standards.

Marvin Bay, Sonsbeck, Germany

YieldTrakk runs on a Horizon in-cab operating software allowing Marvin to observe yield and moisture data in real-time in a field map. In this way, the yield monitoring solution helps him and his customers to make the best decisions: Do we harvest now, or will waiting ensure better yields? "There are three main advantages to using YieldTrakk,” says Marvin and continues: “ It informs us live and real-time about harvest quantities. It detects moisture of the crops, which tells us if the crops are ripe for harvest. All together, this also helps us to better plan and organize our transport capacity."

The real-time yield maps Marvin generates, can be shared with his customers in several ways. Via the in-cab console, or as PDFs, for example. This makes fine-tuning easy and barrier-free. Meanwhile, Marvin collects useful harvest data in his Topcon system, which he can also use when working for his customers next time. "Thanks to YieldTrakk, my customers can recognize everything necessary regarding their harvests, and optimize their cultivation accordingly," Marvin concludes.