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Streamline data transfer for better insights

Cellular devices that automate the data workflow

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Why use Topcon?

Topcon data transfer devices coupled with digital farm management software makes collecting and uploading key farming activities easy. Get access to timely and accurate information to make better assessments and choices.

Universal data management

Whether you’re using a Topcon console or third-party display, our cellular devices help automatically manage your crop production data. Our technology is designed to be universal in order to work with many file formats and providers.

A complete portfolio

Topcon data transfer devices and farm management software are tied to a complete portfolio of key solutions for precision agriculture. Our devices seamlessly collect data across all key applications, including soil preparation, seeding and planting, crop care, and harvest.

What’s right for your operation?

Connected as they are to crop production software and feed management software, Topcon Cloudlynk devices offer automatic data exchange, fleet management, NTRIP for correction services, connected grain cart weighing, and connected feed mixer weighing.

Explore the chart below to better understand Topcon’s line-up.



Topcon X consoles
3rd party consoles


Data transfer
NTRIP module for corrections

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GT560 indicator (grain cart weighing solution)
Digi-Star FD1 and legacy indicators
Any machine (fleet management)


Data transfer
NTRIP module for corrections
Fleet management

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