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High-performance hybrid positioning

A combination GNSS positioning and optical robotic measurement system

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Combine and conquer

Hybrid Positioning™ systems perform faster in the field than stand-alone robotic systems and are more versatile than RTK-only solutions. Our Hybrid Positioning technology combines GNSS positioning and optical robotic measurements on one rover pole.

  • Combination of a robotic total station with a lightweight GNSS receiver
  • Faster field work than stand-alone robotic or GNSS solutions
  • Hybrid lock for rapid prism acquisition in dense areas
  • Hybrid switch for bouncing between optical measurements and GNSS positioning
  • Hybrid resection to start set up at a safe and convenient location
  • Compatible with all Topcon robotic total stations

Remove the guesswork

Our Hybrid Positioning system has a lightweight GNSS receiver on the prism, which enables the system to reacquire targets even in challenging conditions. Setups are a snap. You can select safe, convenient locations and define the unknown point of your instrument from GNSS measurements. For maximum efficiency, pair our Hybrid Positioning technology with MAGNET Field data-collection software.

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