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Isharno Farms, the right tool for every purpose!

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With arable farming, dairy farming, a biogas plant and a contracting business, Isarnho Farms in Gettorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, have a wide range of operations.

The portfolio of Topcon products used at Isarnho Farms – the Prall & Marxen GbR – is almost as broad.

The farm currently uses two AGI-4 all-in-one integrated receivers and steering controllers, one an AGS-2 GNSS receiver and steering controller, a Topcon interface for yield recording and also TAP Feed, the Topcon digital platform for feed management on cattle farms.

Crop Specialist Stephan Nels-Westpfahl is very satisfied: about nine years ago, he took responsibility for the arable branch at Isarnho Farms. Here, Topcon technology has been in use for the last five years. What started with an AGS-2, Topnet Live and an XD+ display for simple track guidance on the tractor has now developed into a substantial Topcon portfolio.

The user interface is very clear and easy to handle. Today, we use the technology for ISOBUS-controlled application of fertilizers and crop protection products," says Stephan Nels-Westphal.

“Less overlapping and thus less crop protection products. This protects the environment and also saves money.”

- Stephan Nels-Westpfahl – Crop Specialist

Stehan Nels-Westphal also appreciates that technology such as the AGS-2 can be quickly and easily switched between machines. Since this year, the farm has been using a new Topcon antenna that compensates for gaps in signal coverage caused by forest shadows, for example.

“What we also like very much: when using the Topcon terminal and connecting a smartphone or tablet via XTEND, we can stand at the back of the sprayer, the spreader or the seeder, control the machines externally and thus check that all the nozzles are working properly,” Stephan Nels-Westpfahl concludes.

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Topcon AGS-2, Topnet Live and XD+ in action: corn treatment at Isarnho Farms

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