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Understanding machine control sensors

Machine control sensors provide real-time data and feedback to operators, allowing precise control of heavy machinery during construction projects.

These sensors collect various types of information, such as position, speed, temperature and rotation, and relay this data to the machine control system.

This helps operators make informed decisions and adjustments, ensuring optimal machine performance and reducing the risk of errors and accidents.

Types of Machine Control Sensors

Tilt and slope sensors

A key component of many machine tilt and slope control sensors is the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). IMUs are advanced devices that measure and report a machine's specific force and angular rate up to 100 times per second. They help operators maintain the desired grade and alignment while working on uneven terrain.

Rotation Sensors

Rotation sensors measure a motor grader’s blade rotation angle. These sensors enhance the operator's ability to perform tasks with precision, leading to increased productivity and a reduction in construction errors.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are crucial for monitoring operating conditions in paving and other temperature-sensitive applications, such as intelligent compaction. By constantly measuring the temperature of asphalt during compaction, as an example, road quality and lifespan can be increased, and maintenance costs can be reduced.

Sonic Sensors

Sonic sensors use sound waves to measure distance and monitor the position of construction equipment. These sensors offer accurate and reliable data to ensure consistent blade or screed height in relation to a reference point such as a solid base layer, a curb or string line.

Laser receivers

Laser receivers utilize laser technology for precise positioning and guidance in machine control applications. These devices detect and align with planes created by rotary lasers. The sensors provide feedback to the operator or machine control system, so height, slopes, or other adjustments can be made.


PZS sensors are specifically designed to work with machines like motor graders, milling machines, or pavers, providing real-time data to the operator for precise blade, drum, or screed height control and improved performance. With the integration of PZS sensors, construction projects can be completed more efficiently.

Machine control sensor use cases


Machine control sensors enable precise excavation, grading, and compaction, ensuring optimal accuracy and consistency across the jobsite.


3D milling creates a perfect base course that allows paving by thickness, which guarantees the best paving results for longer road life.


By providing real-time feedback, these sensors help maintain a uniform thickness, temperature, and smoothness in asphalt and concrete paving projects.

Intelligent Compaction

Compacting asphalt in the right temperature range is a prerequisite for high-quality road construction.


Machine control sensors assist in maintaining the correct tunnel alignment, grade and profile, minimizing the risk of errors and delays.


In mining operations, sensors provide valuable information on machine positioning, slope, and grade, improving productivity and safety.

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