Why MC-X?

Why MC-X

Accelerate your projects with MC-X

Accessible machine control platform for contractors of all sizes


MC-X is all about flexibility

We designed the MC-X architecture for ultimate flexibility in dozer and excavator systems. Combining multiple communications technologies, support for numerous elevation sensors, IMUs (inertial measurement units) and GNSS receivers makes this platform the go-to choice for a broad variety of applications.

MC-X leverages modularity and easy-to-use functionalities to tailor solutions to the way you need to work. This approach reduces unnecessary equipment purchases and gives you a better return on your investment.

The MC-X Platform makes machine control easy to use and accessible to all contractors. The platform ties together mixed fleets by interacting with multiple versions of 3D-MC, providing connectivity to Sitelink3D and taking advantage of the multi-constellation capabilities of GNSS receivers.

The MC-X advantage

The MC-X Platform is as flexible as it is powerful. It adapts across applications and machine types. The system improves performance and speed for newer and seasoned operators.

Modular components

Connectivity via different machine communication options

Scale components as needs and fleets grow

MC-X adapts to your application

Connected and precisely positioned

The MC-X Platform integrates on-board and cloud-based services for improved control of operations and data.

The platform supports major GNSS satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. This ensures full-constellation service, accuracy and reliability. Choose from local base stations or network-based correction solutions. We also provide robotic total station-based positioning systems for situations when satellite coverage is unavailable.

The system is designed to simply and intuitively share data, transfer files, track progress and provide remote support through SiteLink3D, meaning job sites can be monitored from the office, the field or the front seat of the truck – wherever a cloud-connection is possible.

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