The world has a long to-do list

With 9 billion people expected on the planet by 2030, there's a lot of work to be done. We'll need more housing, roads and utilities, not to mention more food for the extra tables. Topcon is driven to help you meet these demands with innovative solutions that help you work smarter and faster to create sustainable infrastructure and agriculture.

Your Topcon Team

Your Topcon Team

Our mission is simple - to help grow your business. Sure, that helps us grow ours, and together we can help ensure that a growing world is a healthy world. That’s the Topcon vision and why more than 2,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to creating the technologies and bringing you the solutions to drive your success. 

From our scientists in our state-of-the-art research labs to our solutions developers dedicated to understanding the challenges you face, we're focused on helping your business grow in efficiency and strength. 



Topcon is dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs in productivity. We create and embrace disruptive technologies in order to keep your business on a steady path to future growth.

Fence Antenna
Fence Antenna

GNSS signals often reflect or fracture as they strike buildings, trees or other nearby objects. This results in confused signals called multipath errors. Topcon patented Fence Antenna technology, found in all our mobile GNSS antennas, to filter out this multipath error, resulting in  high accuracy positioning even in the difficult conditions.

Fence antenna solutions:
Through the Lens Imaging
Through the Lens Imaging

Topcon pioneered the integration of imaging into traditional total stations over a decade ago, so it’s no surprise to now find it  in many of our instruments and sensors, allowing users to not only measure, but to actually capture reality. With Topcon total stations, controllers, scanners or mobile mapping — what you see IS what you get.

See Topcon's imaging solutions:
Millimeter GPS
Millimeter GPS

Topcon has combined the productivity of GNSS positioning with its unique zone laser transmitter to create a versatile, high-precision system that can control multiple machines at once. Millimeter GPS uses the laser-generated data to tighten vertical accuracy to a few millimeters — ideal for tight tolerance work such as highway construction and paving.

Millimeter GPS Solutions:
Universal Tracking
Universal Tracking

The patented Universal Tracking Channels from Topcon are the industry’s only truly scalable technology that tracks any of the available GNSS signal on any available channel. Other technology requires each channel to be tuned to a single frequency, greatly limiting your ability to use every reliable signal. Topcon Universal Tracking ensures the best accuracy no matter where you’re working.

See Topcon's IMU-enabled solutions:
Matrix Detection
Matrix Detection

Speed and accuracy are the two maxims for any measurement system. Topcon robotic total stations employ Matrix Detection, to automatically locate all prisms within a specified area, eliminating any need for manual guidance, no matter how tight the prism array.

See Topcon's matrix detection solutions:
Inertial Sensing
Inertial Sensing

The fusion of GNSS positioning with inertial measurement technology was a breakthrough in 3-D machine control. Capable of measuring very fine movement, as well as pitch, roll and yaw, inertial sensing uses predictive algorithms to generate high-accuracy control to increase grading speed and precision.

See Topcon's inertial sensing solutions:

Solutions you can trust, designed for you

Our goal is to understand your business as well as you do.
Every product we create is developed with your specific needs in mind.

Quality Assured

All products must pass Topcon's rigorous testing before they're launched. We field-, dust- and storm-proof every unit.

Easy to Use

We understand you want to be up and running fast. That's why each Topcon product is designed for use right out of the box.


We know you have no time for downtime. Topcon tools keep going and going even in the most challenging of settings.

Works With Your Stuff

Topcon tools work with any machinery - you're not locked in to any vendor, even for positioning tools.


Topcon products are configurable and based on open source platforms so you can tailor them to your exact needs.


Topcon products are engineered for accuracy. So you'll get it right the first time - every time.


"With Topcon I'm able to troubleshoot any issues from the job site."


Topcon wants to help today's students. Let’s face it, the world’s to-do list will likely continue to grow. Our solutions are only tools to help meet those needs. Education is the lifeblood of creating new solutions and efficiently using them. That's why our Educational Partnership Program helps provide colleges, universities and technical institutions with access to and training on our latest products so they can deliver state-of-the-art education in precision positioning solutions and technologies.

Benefits for our educational partners include:

  • Hands-on training with Topcon product specialists
  • Product discounts for teaching purposes
  • Unlimited access to online training resources
  • Internship opportunities
  • Scholarships through Topcon corporate social responsibilities programs.

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