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Case Study
Playing it safe beneath the surface

Imagine being surrounded by walls. What would you do if they would suddenly start moving? Indeed, the best idea would be to leave the room as quickly as possible. The thing is: how do you know for sure the walls are in motion?

Case Study
Brawn and brains

Faced with a huge site development project and a very tight window of completion, David Brady, Jr. opted for adding larger iron to maximize productivity in the earthwork portion of the job.

Case Study
Efficiently surveying an entire stadium

The Dutch city of Alkmaar is famous for its traditional cheese market, held every week in the beautiful historical center. The city has about 90,000 inhabitants. Exactly 17,023 of them fit into the city's AFAS Stadium, home to local soccer club AZ.

Case Study
Preventing a Dutch dike from breaching

Imagine... you're a country. A densely populated one. You have major rivers like the Rhine and the Meuse flowing through you, you have Europe's biggest lake, and you have the North Sea lurking right beside you. And you are below sea level. What do you do?

Case Study
Building a Circle

Project Synopsis

A circle-shaped 260,000-square-foot, three-story building is being constructed for the new headquarters located in Midvale, Utah.

Case Study
Network brings ‘life’ to bathymetric survey boat

Real-time, accurate, xyz positioning is crucial to most all aspects of surveying, and none more so than bathymetric surveying utilizing the state-of-the-art, remotely controlled, bathymetric survey boat technology, known as the unmanned surface vessel (USV) “Kingfisher.”

Case Study
Performance to the Max

When On-Track Construction (OTC), a company with no experience using GNSS solutions, landed a major project at the Buffalo International Airport, followed by other sizeable site work contracts, they knew their time to embrace that technology had come.

Case Study
Northern Illinois Service Company plows ahead of the...

Listen as Will Hoff, Construction Superintendent at Northern Illinois, explains how Topcon’s new third-party dual-IMU dozer solution helps improve their efficiency and jobsite safety.

Case Study
Plote Construction Millimeter GPS and LPS Paving...

Watch as the Plote Construction crew uses Topcon systems to pave a new taxiway at one of the world’s busiest airport.