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Paving the way for success at Bauma 2022

Yesterday at Bauma, we welcomed racing driver James Roe to the Topcon stand, where we’re showcasing the latest in road building and paving technology. With the racing car already a firm favorite among visitors this week, it’s great to now have its driver join us for a few days.

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Happy Birthday Topcon
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A Learning Experience

Like any business steeped in technology, Topcon is continually changing and evolving, its products growing ever more sophisticated.

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Witness to History

The overwhelming majority of Topcon equipment at work today can be found on job sites around the world — projects ranging from massive development excavations to monitoring the smallest movement of a dam’s surface and everything in between.

Case Study
Digging into the value of Tillage Depth Control to...

Emerging tillage technology is proving to be a strategic step toward more consistent crop emergence, better seedbed preparation and increased equipment efficiency.

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Verifiably a Leader

TAS Concrete Construction taps dual-purpose instrument to improve key facet of QC effort

Topcon at Work
Pool Sharks

The real surprise behind the broad acceptance of some of today’s new layout technology is not the improvements it can bring — that much was expected and did not disappoint. What is impressive, however, is the broad range of industries in which this new solution is making its presence known.

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Surveying’s Hybrid Vehicle

The notion of someone starting a business and growing it into a mammoth enterprise is part of the fabric of the American success story. Who, after all, does not want to be the biggest, the leader in their field, the benchmark against which all others are measured?

Case Study
Monitoring crop health to improve potato harvests

Family business Finnegan’s Farm are a potato and vegetable grower in Ireland. On their quest for better crops, they are now reaping the benefits of precision farming. They have taken to crop sensing technology, enabling them to improve their harvest by adapting to every crop’s needs.