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OEM Off-Highway magazine: Automation Will Continue to Drive Efficiency – Interview with Tom Hansen

Read the article and watch the video interview of Tom Hansen, Senior Director, Global OEM Development and Sales, Topcon Positioning Systems with OEM Off-Highway 

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Pool Sharks

The real surprise behind the broad acceptance of some of today’s new layout technology is not the improvements it can bring — that much was expected and did not disappoint. What is impressive, however, is the broad range of industries in which this new solution is making its presence known.

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Surveying’s Hybrid Vehicle

The notion of someone starting a business and growing it into a mammoth enterprise is part of the fabric of the American success story. Who, after all, does not want to be the biggest, the leader in their field, the benchmark against which all others are measured?

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Seeing for Themselves

For almost as long as he can remember, David Logan has been involved in construction.

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A Platform for Success

Ongoing debates about the pros and cons of specific tillage practices — conventional vs. strip vs. no-till, etc. — are as assured as the rising and setting of the sun. And a real case can be made for each; one practice simply does not fit all.

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Knowledgeable on the Surface

If corporate sponsorships in motorsports racing today are any indication, interest in the sport is broadening . . . fast.

Topcon at Work
From a Pit to a Park

To create a sprawling 160-acre recreational site, Utah contractor’s impressive range of services draws heavily upon GNSS solutions.

Topcon at Work
Site-Wide Solutions

For this Colorado contractor, stringless concrete paving was just the opening act.

Topcon at Work
Six Feet/Under

GNSS solution guides amphibious excavators in northern Minnesota bay cleanup.