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Communication and collaboration: the keys to connected working

Connected working is what happens when office and field operate in tandem. The key to developing true connected working is developing excellent communication and collaboration processes — with technology the element that ties everything together.

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Pool Sharks

The real surprise behind the broad acceptance of some of today’s new layout technology is not the improvements it can bring — that much was expected and did not disappoint. What is impressive, however, is the broad range of industries in which this new solution is making its presence known.

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Surveying’s Hybrid Vehicle

The notion of someone starting a business and growing it into a mammoth enterprise is part of the fabric of the American success story. Who, after all, does not want to be the biggest, the leader in their field, the benchmark against which all others are measured?

Case Study
Monitoring crop health to improve potato harvests

Family business Finnegan’s Farm are a potato and vegetable grower in Ireland. On their quest for better crops, they are now reaping the benefits of precision farming. They have taken to crop sensing technology, enabling them to improve their harvest by adapting to every crop’s needs.

Case Study
Iceland drag race track gets the SmoothRide treatment

Located in northern Iceland, Akureyri is the fourth largest town in the country, with a modest population of 19,000. While the town is known for its stunning scenery, winter sports and whale watching, it also prides itself on being home to one of Iceland’s oldest car racing clubs.

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Knowledgeable on the Surface

If corporate sponsorships in motorsports racing today are any indication, interest in the sport is broadening . . . fast.

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10,000 tons a day: renovating a major runway at...

To guarantee safe landings and take-offs, Runway 25 at Brussels Airport has been renovated completely. To limit the closure and the impact of the works, the specialists of Willemen Infra and Top-Off were on the job 24/7 and with the help of Topcon succeeded within the limited time frame.

Case Study
Improving the Green Shortcut: Norway’s biggest road...

Case Study
The race to resurface Silverstone

Lead contractor Tarmac, along with its industry leading road planing business, NRP, racetrack specialist Dromo and project partner Topcon Positioning Group, combined expertise with cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth result at the UK’s premier racetrack.