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Iceland drag race track gets the SmoothRide treatment

Located in northern Iceland, Akureyri is the fourth largest town in the country, with a modest population of 19,000. While the town is known for its stunning scenery, winter sports and whale watching, it also prides itself on being home to one of Iceland’s oldest car racing clubs.

Industry Insight
Knowledgeable on the Surface

If corporate sponsorships in motorsports racing today are any indication, interest in the sport is broadening . . . fast.

Topcon at Work
From a Pit to a Park

To create a sprawling 160-acre recreational site, Utah contractor’s impressive range of services draws heavily upon GNSS solutions.

Topcon at Work
Site-Wide Solutions

For this Colorado contractor, stringless concrete paving was just the opening act.

Topcon at Work
Six Feet/Under

GNSS solution guides amphibious excavators in northern Minnesota bay cleanup.

Case Study
The smart slurry injector: reducing soil compaction...

How do you fertilize a piece of land more efficiently? Dutch family business Cerfontaine, which specializes in arable farming, is trying out a new approach.

Case Study
It’s All About the Base. No trouble.

One of the fundamentals of roadbuilding states that a good road starts with a good base. Conversely, a sub-par or eroded base can lead to a weak, rutty, road surface, prone to sinking and possible collapse.

Case Study
Segmented Success

Case Study
Anchorage Airport Gets an Upgrade