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Vodafone signs agreement with Topcon to develop new satellite technology able to locate IoT devices and autonomous vehicles within centimeters

Vodafone has signed an agreement with Topcon Positioning Group to develop a new mass-market precise positioning system that will locate Internet of Things (IoT) devices, machinery, and vehicles with a greater degree of accuracy than using only individual global navigation satellites systems (GNSS). Pinpoint accuracy is critical to the mass adoption of Vehicle to Anything (V2X) technology — the ability for vehicles to speak with other vehicles, road users, and infrastructure — driverless vehicles, as well as for autonomous machinery and robots.

Topcon is proud to be partnering with Vodafone to bring high accuracy correction services to enable V2X applications to operate at the accuracy needed to help improve road safety. Both companies are now inviting select customers to join proof-of-concept activities to explore future applications of the technology.

To learn more, view Vodafone’s official announcement here.