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Topcon Agriculture improves digital workflows for farmers

Topcon Agriculture improves digital workflows for farmers

HANNOVER, Germany – November 10, 2019 – Topcon Agriculture launches its new cloud-based farm workflow improvement tool integrating state-of-the-art connectivity, cloud services and data analytics. Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) and Cloudlynk connectivity devices are now available in Europe.

Cloudlynk devices enable TAP Connect,the servicefor automatic data sync, remote support, fleet management, and seamless bi-directional file transfer, fulfilling the complete automation of the data workflow. Designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine or implement, the CL-55 goes beyond automatic data collection and upload, providing advanced capability for a fully connected ecosystem. The device is completely brand agnostic, while the CL-10 version is specifically designed to plug into Topcon X-Family consoles.

“We are aiming to add connectivity to all the phases of the farming cycle and to streamline the data flow: this will offer a clear and real-time assessment to make better agronomic decisions and develop better prescriptions,” said Antonio Marzia, Topcon Agriculture vice president of Business Solutions. “Our customers can now easily connect, organize and share all their farming data and improve their workflows.”

The cloud platform is natively designed for collaboration. Being brand agnostic, it accepts and efficiently organizes data from any machine and implement, providing full compatibility across all data sources.

“Using TAP, farmers can easily share data with their trusted advisors, providing unprecedented efficiency and scalability of management decisions, including prescriptions delivered directly to the cab. With this connected ecosystem, dealers and distributors can easily manage customer subscriptions, enhancing relations for mutual success. TAP is specifically designed to handle the busy-work, so users can focus on action,” said Marzia.

Additional information on Topcon Agriculture and its solutions is available at topconagriculture.com. For those interested in TAP, visit Topcon Agriculture at Agritechnica and see these new connectivity technologies.

About Topcon Agriculture Group 
Topcon Agriculture Group is a division of the Topcon Positioning Group, headquartered in Livermore, California, USA (topconpositioning.com). The global Topcon Agriculture Group (topconagriculture.com) headquarters is located in Turin, Italy, with its North American regional headquarters in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Topcon Agriculture Group provides advanced IoT connected field and farm management solutions for aftermarket and OEM customers in the agriculture industry, integrating high-precision hardware, software and data to bring efficiency and enhance productivity to every phase of the farming operations.Its product lines include Topcon, Digi-Star, RDS Technology, and Norac. Topcon Corporation (topcon.com), founded in 1932, is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732).


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