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Introducing Pavelink: Topcon’s end-to-end paving solution

Meeting the increasing demand to grow and maintain global infrastructure is often made more challenging by wider issues in the construction industry. With productivity remaining flat and project cost overruns and delays common, it places an even greater need for technology to help improve efficiencies.

With many roads around the world coming to the end of their lifecycle, this presents a global issue with unprecedented levels of investment required to resurface and widen the world’s highways – placing an even greater emphasis on the importance of finding a credible long-term solution.

At bauma, Topcon has launched its own revolutionary software as a service (SaaS) application, Pavelink, to seamlessly integrate with existing planning and management tools to improve and advance efficiency. It minimises issues such as overages or potential paver stoppages by addressing them more quickly or before they even arise.

A revolutionary paving solution

A mobile application, Pavelink provides a connected ecosystem workflow between the asphalt plants, delivery trucks, company office and paving site, all delivered via a cloud-based logistics application designed to connect every stakeholder in real-time throughout the paving process.

The system automatically gathers and centralises all relevant information such as quantities, temperatures, number of trucks loaded, current truck locations, job site arrival estimations, number of trucks returning or queuing for more loads, current screed width, current paver speed and amount of roadway that has been laid to provide real-time visibility for every stakeholder.

Improving safety accuracy, quality and cost

On the job, the entire team can be reached in an instant with smooth communication, increasing crew safety and enhancing the material production process to increase the quality of paving. If the mix needs to be adjusted, for example, the field crew can easily signal the asphalt plant. They can also ask to expedite material and send more or fewer loads.

The system automatically generates digital weigh tickets at the plant that are delivered to the truck driver’s loaded app, as well as using geofence recognition of the arrival of a haul truck at the job site, and tracks all activity digitally — designed to simplify the regulatory reporting and documentation process with push-button efficiency.

This close control means that the job is completed efficiently and to a higher standard than ever before, while also reducing the overall cost of the project due to the reduced timescales.

Find out more

Our team of paving experts are currently at Bauma until Sunday 14th April.