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High-quality fodder for cows & Co.

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Rising prices for bought-in fodder components such as grain clearly highlight the importance of high-quality, farm-grown basal feed. With regard to grassland, this means that maintenance, tailored fertilisation and – if necessary – also reseeding of meadows and pastures should not be neglected.

Topcon's CropSpec sensor has the largest sensor footprint in the industry, is easy to mount on the tractor roof, can be adjusted while driving, is suitable for day and night use regardless of light conditions and is compatible with all implements regardless of manufacturer. These features also apply to grassland reseeding, because everything that is green can be detected, processed and used by the sensor as a basis for subsequent measures


In case of grassland reseeding, the reflection of the plants in the infrared range that is measured while driving over the crop canopy is used to determine the leaf mass. On this basis, the system software can identify damage of the grass sod and calculate the required seeding rates. In simple terms, a low reflection means a patchy sward to which the system reacts by applying seed in real time in a site-specific manner.
Depending on the condition of meadows and pastures, trampling damage or gaps caused by weeds and mice can be repaired and more high-quality plants can be established in the stand. This can either be done in early spring or between the second cut and the beginning of September.

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