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Driving efficiency with state-of-the-art earthworks solutions

Continuing to make earthworks machinery operate quicker and more accurately to improve the productivity of a whole range of infrastructure projects is one of our primary missions at Topcon. This was evidenced back when we developed IMU sensors for dozers to automate the earthmoving process and when we introduced Millimeter GPS to increase precision in machine control.

Now, we’ve taken this knowledge and applied it to excavation, with the launch of our Automated Excavator, and drilling, with our new Drill Rig Machine Control solutions. Not only that, but we’ve optimised the way the vast amounts of data produced by such technologies are managed on and off site with our updated app, Haul Truck.

Here’s a bit more information about these latest innovations for the earthworks industry.

Automated Excavator

Our new X-53x automatic possesses all of the benefits of our 3D modular aftermarket system for excavation, but now comes with hydraulic, automated control. What this enables is complete automatic control of depth of excavation and the angle of the bucket, allowing for much more accurate grades in a quicker timeframe. With easy-to-use fingertip operation, the system also reduces operator fatigue, while improving safety by avoiding over-digging and hitting electrical lines and pipes.

Drill Rig Machine Control

The just-launched machine control solution for drill rigs means that drill plans are sent directly to the machines, saving operators from having to stake out plans themselves. The accuracy of the data and positioning ensures that holes are always drilled exactly where planned and to the correct depth, avoiding over-drilling, which can be dangerous and incur substantial costs.

Haul Truck

A new version of the Topcon Haul Truck mobile application is designed to provide a complete cloud-based, real-time load tracking and reporting infrastructure for earthworks projects. With an easy-to-use interface, you can track anything from quantities of material moved and machine down time to current truck locations and job site arrival estimations. Plus, by connecting this to scheduling tools, you can quickly understand what materials need transporting where, while linking the data with MAGNET allows you to create reports and invoices in an instant.

To find out more about Topcon’s earthworks solutions, visit our experts at Bauma – you can find us at Hall A2 Booth 249 until Sunday 14th April.