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DCW gives construction next step digitalization

In the construction industry, digitalization provides a huge opportunity to improve efficiencies and profitability, but it comes with equally significant challenges. Construction is one of the largest industries in the world, yet the least automated. We see traditional contractors invest twice the amount of money on technological improvements – including IT, AI, and robotics. However, the current construction processes are not well linked. There is a lack of integrated workflows. DCW helps companies through digital automation, integration, digital twinning services and fit-for-purpose solutions that improve construction workflows and operations. Without digitally integrated systems, processes and workflows, productivity gains will continue to lag well behind the demand for new infrastructure.

Becoming fully digitalized requires significant investment in people, processes and technology. It also includes extensive training for employees, and even after that initial investment, the evolution of products requires updates and training to make sure those on-site are getting the best return from their investment.

It’s difficult –near impossible – for companies to stay on top of the evolving technology and maintain 100% confidence that they’re not only using the right equipment for the job, but that they’re using it in the right way to maximize efficiency and profitability.

DCW was recently founded as a joint venture between Topcon Positioning Systems and Bentley Systems to solve the problem that virtually every constructioneer faces today – am I using the right resources, the best processes, digital workflows and technology, and am I using them in the best way?

The consultancy, which is supplier and software agnostic, has been set up to answer these questions for companies of all sizes.

By offering independent insight and expertise regarding construction solutions, DCW can provide its customers with the training and lab-proven services and solutions they need to complete their job most efficiently – saving both time and money.

In all cases, DCW provides fit-for-purpose solutions, including DCW 4D Construction Verification, DCW Construction Solutions for AWP, DCW 4D Mass Haul Earthworks and DCW 4D Temporary Works, with a business focus in the Industrial Plants and Energy, Transportation and Building and Earthworks Industries. DCW also has its DCW Integrations Platform, which enables third-party products to integrate with fit-for-purpose workflows, and it empowers the digital twin and analytics via dashboards providing insights into project awareness, management and reporting.

One example of how this is achieved is through the unique interface that DCW builds through the DCW Integrations Platform. The managed service allows stakeholders to assess, track and measure the performance of each component to make sure jobs are completed to the highest standard in the most cost-effective manner – maximizing profitability and efficiency.

The company is uniquely positioned to provide the services and solutions to bridge these gaps in the market and grow globally. Jason Hallett, DCW’s chief operating officer, explains: “There is a clear opportunity here to help the construction industry complete projects more efficiently, to a higher standard and at a cheaper cost – not just in North America or Europe, but globally. We believe that the integration of the right skills, digital workflows, best practices and solutions, including fit-for-purpose technologies, is how true efficiency gains are achieved. DCW’s subject matter experts have both real-world construction experience and the technology knowhow to deliver unique solutions for organizations looking to advance their digital capabilities. We initially engage with companies by performing a digital assessment to identify necessary integrations and develop a path of construction digital workflow improvements.”

To find out more about DCW, head to www.digitalconstructionworks.com