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Fall in love with your Ex, all over again

Machine control that rekindles that passion

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What is machine control?

Using various positioning sensors and an in-cab touchscreen display, machine control gives operators a clear reference between the position of the excavator’s bucket and the 3D design.

Strengthening the relationship with your excavator has never been easier

Machine control is the solution designed for you and your excavator to get back together and be more efficient, precise, and accurate.

Three reasons your excavator needs machine control

Work faster and more accurately

Know where to dig with quick, exacting accuracy.


Reduce (and possibly eliminate) rework

With machine control, your operators are able to be far more precise in their trenching and grading. That means they get it right the first time. Every time.


Build your reputation

Getting jobs done on time and on budget will help you grow your reputation in the areas you work and live. That means more work for you and your crew.


Machine control is love

Adding machine control is the best way to fall back in love with your excavator. It takes trenching and grading to a whole new level and offers you and your Excavator increased precision, speed, accuracy, and scalability, all while keeping you connected… so you can take care of business.

Machine control for Tomahawk Construction

By installing machine control on their excavators, Florida-based Tomahawk Construction saw their productivity increase while working on a difficult dredging job. They were so happy with it, they have installed across all of their machines and have decreased rework while seeing accuracy and precision increase significantly.

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A machine control solution to fall in love with

Machine control helps you and your excavator see increased precision, speed, accuracy, and scalability, all while keeping you connected… so you two can take care of business.

“If you have operators that do not have a lot of experience and you put them in an excavator with a machine control system on it, they can instantly see what is the right way to do it and what is the wrong way.”

— Al Ruiz, Superintendent, Tomahawk Construction