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Intelligent Resurfacing  for Racetracks

Laying down excellence

On a racetrack, a smooth ride is of utmost importance. Drivers need confidence in the level of grip they can expect from the track surface. Any inconsistencies, bumps, rises, and cracks can be hazardous to drivers traveling 180-200 mph. There is no room for error.

Our paving solutions are better from start to finish. Your racetrack is resurfaced in the most accurate, efficient, and cost-effective way possible. The result is a smoother track for faster and safer racing.

The surfaces last longer, and they are resilient in bad weather, which helps avoid any unnecessary shutdowns.

Save time

Quickly scan miles of road to detail existing surface conditions like never before.

Lower costs

Reduce waste and expenses by using the exact amount of asphalt or milling required for the project.

Deliver results

Get a consistent, smooth, and durable finished surface.

Paving Case Studies

Excellent results on some of the most challenging
projects around the world

Silverstone Raceway

With the 2019 Grand Prix races coming up, Silverstone Circuits needed a course that would offer the smoothest ride possible. Taking just three days, the process left a seamless subbase which, in the words of Stuart Pringle, managing director of Silverstone, is “truly world beating”.

Singapore Grand Prix

To transform city streets into a Formula 1 racetrack requires tight tolerances and high-pressure time frames. Completing the resurfacing of the Singapore Grand Prix racetrack was only possible by using a full range of Topcon design, mapping, variable milling, survey, and paving machine control technology.

Frankfurt Airport

At Frankfurt Airport, 60% of all departures take off from runway 18 West. That’s more than 450 take-offs a day. Resurfacing 1,500m of runway was completed in just five days. Traditional work processes would have taken three weeks longer and cost 20% more. The runway is ultra-smooth, which is more comfortable for crews and passengers, reduces wear and tear on aircraft, and reduces repair costs.

From start to finish, SmoothRide is the world’s most advanced road resurfacing solution.

Increase productivity by eliminating the need for string lines, skis, and lasers

Maximize man-hours and eliminate the need for re-work

Optimize materials and reduce waste

Connect every stage of the design and paving process for better results

Ensure an even, smooth finish

If you want to cut costs and complete your
project faster, we should talk.

Topcon Paving Solutions

Better from start to finish

Our focus is on providing the most advanced paving solutions to give you the confidence to lay it down right. We understand meeting rigorous and demanding project requirements while keeping the job on schedule and cost-efficient.

We help make everything smoother from end to end. Paving and resurfacing have never been this streamlined and cost-effective, and surfaces are smoother and last longer than ever.

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