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3D Excavator System

Accelerate your excavating in 3D

Speed, accuracy, and control

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Improve the productivity, accuracy, and profitability of your excavation projects by upgrading to 3D machine control. The Topcon 3D Excavator System delivers the most advanced and precise GPS positioning technology, coupled with Cat Grade with Assist and a user-friendly software interface. Productivity improvements of 30% or more are common — even for experienced operators.

Topcon 3D Indicate Excavator System

Upgrading from 2D Grade with Assist to Topcon 3D MC-Max with “indicate” functionality provides real-time on-screen location and design views.

  • Cut grade faster and more accurately
  • Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
  • Increase safety by removing extra surveying personnel from the excavator’s work area

Add 3D guidance to your Cat Grade with Assist system

Upgrading to Topcon 3D MC-Max functionality helps operators monitor the excavator’s position and together with Cat Grade with Assist controls the digging depth and bucket angle when inside the working window. Operators can efficiently execute imported design files or create a custom design from the cab of the excavator using the bucket to take topo shots.

  • Use imported designs or create them “on the fly”
  • Bucket automatically follows complex designs with Cat Grade with Assist 
  • Tilting bucket support in automatic mode with Cat Grade with Assist
  • Supports Topcon LPS (total station) guidance
  • 2-piece boom (VAB) support

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