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You reap what you sow. Maximise your yield with Topcon seed drill control.

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The right dosage, the right depth, the right time, the right location… Seeding is almost an art! Using the Artemis Seeder system helps farmer Chris van de Lindeloof and his brothers to get the most out of their fields. “Seeding has become easier, more efficient and more relaxed.”

Always the right dosage, variable rates, easy calibration… Artemis actually does the work for you. Section control and VRC help us to use the full potential of the field. Seeding becomes child’s play using this system.

Chris van de Lindeloof, Tillage farmer

What you reap is what you sow…Right? True, knows farmer Chris van de Lindeloof. But equally important is the way you plant your seeds. To improve the yield, Van de Lindeloof and his brothers, who run a farm in the south of the Netherlands, opted for Artemis Seeder. “My foremost reason for choosing Artemis is the ease of switching sections using GPS and switching between furrows. I can base the seeding on task cards and apply varied seeding. Artemis digitally controls the seed drill, or actually the dosage. And I can easily set or change it using the monitor in the cab”, says tillage farmer Chris van de Lindeloof.

Tim van der Leck, Regional Sales Manager at Topcon, helped the Van Lindeloof brothers to update their current seed drill. A solution that will make the brothers’ work easier and more profitable. “Chris already had a seeder, by conducting an update with the Artemis Seeder, the system now runs through ISOBUS. The advantage is that he can now use task cards, giving him a higher yield, as the full potential of the soil is realised", Tim van der Leck explains.

Working with a data-driven system definitely pays off, believes Tim van der Leck. And the more data, the more valuable the insights that are to be gained. “The Artemis seeding solution becomes even more valuable now that we can make data accessible and visualise it, for instance with our Topcon Agriculture Platform. It allows you to check upon work that has been done by your employees or check on your strategy when talking to a consultant. Better insights allow you to create better task cards for the next season.

Whereas the Van de Lindeloof brothers had a pretty good gut feeling on how and where to sow, the Artemis Seeder solution allows them to know exactly when, where and what’s been sown.

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