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Topcon technology used to create National Mall ‘facescape’

Topcon Positioning Group, headquartered in the Bay Area, announces its technology and assistance was used for the creation of the large-scale landscape portrait on the National Mall, which was unveiled in a press conference October 1.

Artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada was commissioned by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery to create a six-acre portrait that is a composite of several different faces.  The project titled “Out of Many, One,” utilized high-precision GPS survey technology from Topcon to create the “facescape” between the World War II and Lincoln memorials along the south side of the Reflecting Pool.  The portrait is viewable from atop the Washington Monument.

Topcon provided the equipment and personnel to help create the portrait.  “Topcon GPS technology is my paintbrush,” said Rodríguez-Gerada. “This facescape would not be possible without the highly precise GPS equipment, as well as the technological expertise contributed by Topcon.”

“In a sense it is reverse surveying,” said Mark Contino, Topcon vice president of global marketing.  “Surveyors normally measure the real world and scale it down to readable maps. In this case, the project started in the artist’s mind and each contour of his drawing was redrawn in the field using stakes guided by Topcon GPS technology and software.”

Should your media outlet be interested in learning more about how technology from the Bay Area helped “change the face” of the National Mall, Topcon will make high-precision GPS experts available for interviews.

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