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Topcon’s transformative technology for vertical construction on show at INTERGEO

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On the first day of INTERGEO 2019, we have announced the expansion of the Topcon vertical construction portfolio with new products for scan, verification and layout. Find out more about  each of the new products unveiled today:


GTL-1000 released to market

The GTL-1000, a unique combination of 3D scanner and integrated total station has now been released to the market. The device has generated a lot of interest on the stand in Hall 3, Booth F3.013. Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity software, the GTL-1000 provides a vastly accelerated verification workflow to give professionals a competitive advantage.


New FFL analysis tool

A new application for the GLS-2000 scanner for concrete floor flatness and floor levelness analysis through ClearEdge3D Rithm for Navisworks software was launched. This integrated solution can provide important quality control information in minutes instead of what traditionally takes days, helping to reduce costs and rework. The technology works by scanning and analyzing concrete while still wet, enabling adjustments before it cures.


LN-150 layout navigator

We introduced the latest edition to the Topcon layout navigator instrument line. With an expanded field of view and increased tracking capabilities, the LN-150 allows users to import a variety of files and quickly set up or get straight to layout, or onto verifying as-built versus design. The instrument is optimized for use with Topcon MAGNET software and includes seamlessly integrated workflows with popular design software from Autodesk and Bentley Systems.


Wearable assistant for visual layout

The new MAGNET Vision heads-up display is a voice-activated wearable tech, which provides visual layout directions via glasses that guide the operator to efficiently perform layout work. Compatable with both robotic total stations and GNSS rovers, MAGNET Vision improves accuracy as well as safety on site by enabling better situational awareness.


TSshield 3.0

With advanced features, TSshield 3.0 protects your Topcon total station investment by keeping you aware of the instrument’s location, health and whether the device is being used appropriately; and provides security with remote locking and tracking functionality. Also with remote tech assistance capabilities and the ability to set geofences and timefences, you can remain fully in control of your total stations, reduce unscheduled downtime and keep devices in optimal condition.


Ian Stilgoe, vice president GeoPositioning Europe, Topcon Positioning Group, said: “We must constantly pursue new technologies that accelerate the construction process and deliver never-before-seen productivity gains. Building quickly is important, but it is also key to build correctly and to avoid costly rework. Our construction verification and digital layout solutions offer contractors newly available capabilities to capture reality and analyze directly on site to ensure and document that the project is being built according to the BIM model with dimensional accuracy.”


For the full update on our latest technologies, as well as advancements to Topcon software unveiled at INTERGEO, read our announcement here.


Additional information on the technology available for vertical construction projects is available at topconpositioning.com/verticalconstruction.

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