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Tailor-made guidance

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With wise guidance systems, technology takes the wheel of your agricultural machines.

It is incorruptible, does not know microsleep even after long working days and thus ensures higher productivity, more precision and efficiency. And this is true track by track, field by field, day by day – and during day and night. However, needs of farms differ. That's why Topcon offers different systems that provide individual solutions for individual requirements.

Precision farming: Entry level

The AGM-1 GNSS receiver and the XD display with Horizon 5 software make work easier. In addition to savings in terms of fuel and time, this entry level already enables section control on field sprayers and fertiliser spreaders as well as using ISOBUS functionalities. The entry-level XD model is already AEF-certified for these functions.

Automatic steering “factory-fit”

For tractors equipped with a factory pre-fit, an X or XD display and an AGS-2 receiver take care of the rest – up to RTK accuracy. The system allows for easy switching between vehicles and full integration into the headland management system. “Skybridge” RTK signal bridging is available as an option.

Automatic steering 'factory-fit' means easy switching between vehicles and full integration into the headland management system.

Retrofit your tractor with autosteering

Electric: The Topcon AES-35 offers the world’s most accurate electric steering with RTK accuracy of up to 2.5cm. The system can easily be installed, calibrated and switched between machines; "Skybridge" is available as an option. With an optional wheel angle sensor, speeds as slow as 100 metres per hour are possible.

Hydraulic retrofit: With AGS-2 receiver and X or XD display, the fully automatic steering system is compatible with all vehicles with hydraulic steering. It offers the best steering quality and RTK accuracy of up to 2.5cm for both forward and reverse travel. “Skybridge” is also available as an option.

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)

Topcon X35 Optimal Lines offers a versatile and flexible solution for complex field boundaries, constant lanes over a long period of time and different working widths. The system guides vehicles over the smallest possible “field traffic area”. Only 15 per cent of the field surface is used as lanes – and always the same 15 per cent – whilst the rest remains unaffected.

All details on Topcon's guidance systems solution can be found here!