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Remembering Jamie Williamson: family man, friend, leader and inspiration

San Ramon, Calif. — Jamie K. Williamson was loved deeply, respected highly and lived humbly. He passed away unexpectedly on Friday, September 9, 2022, at age 62. Jamie was first and foremost a husband, father, grandfather and brother. He also held a deep faith in Jesus Christ, and showed it in the way he loved and treated others.

Jamie was born in Galesburg, Illinois, to Charles Williamson and Eloise (Weidner) Williamson. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a civil engineering degree. He married his high school sweetheart, Susie, in 1983, and they raised a loving family and were always active contributors to the well-being of their friends, neighbors, church and communities.

Jamie is survived by his wife of nearly 39 years, Susie Cree Williamson, his three children, four grandchildren, and four siblings: daughter Emma Barry (Brendan) and their children Conor, Ryann and Leila (Fort Worth, TX); son Alex (Emily) and their son Miles (Antelope, CA); daughter Annie (Danville, CA); sister Jill Johnson and brothers Terry (Renee) and Scott (Cindy) all of Fort Worth, Texas. He was predeceased by his parents and sister Linda Myron (Galesburg, IL).

The full reach of Jamie’s life was extraordinary. He was fully dedicated to his work, and rose to be a top executive at Topcon Positioning Systems. His position took him all over the globe where he not only created business successes, but grew friendships and trust wherever he went. He was always kind, generous, encouraging and humble. His character was beyond reproach (even on the golf course).

And golf was his other passion. As was Jamie’s way in everything he did, he fully enjoyed the challenges of the game, and as he always did, mastered it too. In 2016 he and his professional team mate were second at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which brought him accolades from all over the world.

Jamie cherished his family, loved the Lord, honored his friends and co-workers, and brought a true spirit of brotherly love to all who knew him. A memorial to Jamie’s well-lived life will be held Saturday, October 8, at 1 pm at his home church, Canyon Creek Church, 9015 S. Gale Ridge Road, San Ramon, California. Livestreaming details are available here.

The family has requested that memorials be sent to Canyon Creek Church or First Tee Tri-Valley. For memorial donations to Canyon Creek Church you can donate online here or send a check to the address above. For First Tee Tri-Valley, please send a check to First Tee Tri-Valley, 4501 Pleasanton Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566. Whichever organization you chose, please note on the check that it is for the Jamie Williamson Memorial.

“SmoothRide covers everything, from scanning and design to laying the asphalt, which meant that the entire operation ran seamlessly and without any problems."

Oliver Gustáfsson at Verkfæri ehf, the Topcon dealer for Iceland

Oliver Gustáfsson at Verkfæri ehf, the Topcon dealer for Iceland, said: “SmoothRide covers everything, from scanning and design to laying the asphalt, which meant that the entire operation ran seamlessly and without any problems. The solution is not only extremely accurate, but also estimates volumes, which make a huge difference when ordering the asphalt and managing the project. We are very happy with both the end result and the service from Topcon and their distributor.”

Luca Nocentini, Senior 3D Paving Application Specialist at Topcon added: “SmoothRide was the perfect fit for The Akureyri Car Club drag strip. By using the advanced machine control technology, it was possible to obtain an accurate design of the straight-line track to define what needed to be fixed. The nature of SmoothRide means the entire process is simplified. First, the scanning is completed by instruments attached to the back of a truck, then this data is used to develop the design that the milling machines work from, only shaving off as much material as needed to avoid unnecessary work. Finally, paving machinery paves new asphalt over the top to the exact thickness required for a smooth finish. No wastage, cost effective and incredibly quick – that’s what SmoothRide delivers.”

Topcon’s SmoothRide offers unparalleled levels of smoothness. The technology ensures precise thickness control, while also accounting for differential compaction dictated by the surface, which reduces the number of lifts required. This reduces costs, improves material management and keeps the project on schedule.

In order to provide tight vertical control and precise guidance, the RD-MC system is built on a tried and tested solution – Topcon’s industry-leading sonic tracker. This fusion of technology helps to provide the most versatile solution, by also including a GNSS receiver to accurately position the equipment and resurface variable amounts of asphalt according to the design. The reliable data it collects is also fundamental for the client to obtain precise offers from contractors – saving time, lowering costs, and increasing safety.

“We couldn’t be happier with the final result. Our new drag strip is smoother and safer than ever before, enabling us to increase driver performance and, importantly, safety."

Einar Gunnlaugsson, Chairman of the Akureyri Car Club

Getting race ready

Racetrack maintenance is traditionally a time-consuming and costly process, with tracks needing to be closed for the work to take place, interfering with race fixtures and events. By using technology such as SmoothRide, the racetrack is resurfaced in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Einar Gunnlaugsson, Chairman of the Akureyri Car Club, said: “We couldn’t be happier with the final result. Our new drag strip is smoother and safer than ever before, enabling us to increase driver performance and, importantly, safety. We’re confident the new track will help to elevate our status within the racing industry and encourage even more people to come and watch top quality racing in beautiful surroundings.”



At Topcon, our paving systems enable digitalization of popular applications such as asphalt, concrete and curb and gutter work. Products such as Thermal Mapper and Intelligent Compaction help to avoid quality issues such as thermal segregation and over- and under-compaction. Site management software such as Pavelink and Sitelink3D provide real-time visibility and reports, and finally an industry-leading workflow solution SmoothRide helps contractors to deliver consistent quality in any size of projects.

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