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As leaders we are not only responsible for harvesting our own success but also cultivating the success of the next generation

Topcon is a proud sponsor of the National FFA Grain Production Agricultural Proficiency Award


“As a former FFA member and State Sentinel from California 35 years later, the opportunities that Digital Agriculture represent are very exciting. High-tech tools do more with less and enable sustainability – creating value for both farmers and the environment. Smart Data Collection with Connectivity is just the beginning to unlocking additional possibilities. I can't wait to see how the industry continues to evolve over the next few decades.”

- Michael Gomes, VP of Topcon Agriculture, FFA Member Colusa, California Chapter
1982 – 87; American Farmer degree recipient.

“As a District President in Washington State, FFA challenged me to look for better ways and to not settle for status quo. Agriculture has a proud and rich history, and that legacy is built on continual improvements and never resting on our laurels. Utilizing precision technology, we will continue to push our industry to achieve more with less land, less water and less energy.”

- Robin Starkenburg Agriculture Marketing Manager Topcon Positioning, FFA member Lynden Christian Chapter 1984-1988; National Dairy Judging, Dairy Products and Farm Management team competitor.