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Intelligent asphalt compaction

Smooth, long-lifespan roads start with intelligent compaction

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More than a pass counter

Topcon’s intelligent compaction systems go beyond simple pass count registry. Passes, location, temperature, and stiffness are monitored for single compactors or for fleets working together. The result is safer, smoother and more durable roads.

Consider all the variables

Weather, asphalt temperature and density, over-compaction, under-compaction, and many other factors affect the smoothness and lifespan of the asphalt surface. 

Consider all the variables

Real-time information removes the guesswork

GNSS receivers track the compactor’s position for each pass, while sensors monitor asphalt temperature, and an accelerometer provides feedback on surface stiffness. All this real-time data is presented to the operator on the machine’s display and can also be shared via Sitelink3D with other operators and project stakeholders.

Compactor Components Infographic

1. GNSS antenna

2. Controller

3. Temperature sensor

4. Display

5. Compaction sensor

Intelligent compaction solutions are ideal for projects such as:

Roads and highways

Parking lots



Bicycle paths

Base layers for concrete pavement

Major brands supported:








Improve road quality with Topcon Intelligent Compaction and Thermal Mapper

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