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Revolutionize your haul truck operations

Remotely assign, track, and analyze your hauling jobs

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Cloud-based services for haul truck management

Real-time tracking, job assignment, and data recording - reducing downtime while enhancing safety and productivity.
Sitelink3D v2 Haul Truck

Track productivity and drive profitability

Provides drivers with hands-free, in-cab payload logging, delivering comprehensive haul monitoring and reporting to site managers for timely, informed decision-making.

Long-term subscriptions are a thing of the past

Conveniently runs on a driver’s smartphone, meaning no more expensive and time-consuming hardware installations. Sitelink3D’s usage-based sales model means contractors pay only for the days they use the service. It also provides the option of tracking owned, rented, or subcontracted vehicles.
Long-term subscriptions are a thing of the past

Top features for site managers

  • Daily use charges replace subscription plans
  • Easy site creation and maintenance
  • Customized task creation tailored to each hauling operation
  • Real-time widgets track operational productivity
  • Your mass balance always stays up to date with Topcon Project
Top features for site managers

Top features for drivers

  • Free haul truck app for iOS and android
  • On-screen display:
    • Map
    • Colored load and dump regions
    • Color-coded haul route
    • Haul/cycle count
  • Site discovery PIN instantly connects to jobsites on arrival
  • Hands-free load and dump zone detection
  • Support for main bed and up to two additional independent trailers
  • Delays and comments recorded
Top features for drivers

Real-time haul and material handling data

Synchronize data in real-time by combining the Haul Truck App with our industrial weighing solutions for excavators and wheel loaders. Plus, use Sitelink3D to document exactly when and where material was moved on your construction site.

Accurate documentation:

Haul reports viewable in the Sitelink3D web portal can be downloaded to Excel and imported into other software platforms. In addition, they connect directly to Topcon Project office software for mass balance planning and tracking Vital data can include:

Dates, times, and locations of each load and dump event

Material types

GPS locations of routes driven

Vehicle IDs

Aggregated summaries and material shrink/swell calculations


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