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Simple layout point creation

Easily avoid construction errors and rework

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Point creator plug-in for Autodesk®

This plug-in for Autodesk Revit® and AutoCAD® provides you with a complete office-to-field workflow. Simplify the BIM-to-field process with automatic point creation and easily import and export layout files to and from a robotic total station. Import robotic total station field measurements and generate point reports, deviation reports, profiles, and surfaces. This improved digital layout workflow will increase your efficiency, accuracy and reduce risk.

  • Reduce time and cost of construction layout 
  • Automatically create points on BIM objects 
  • Export background files and points to robotic total stations 
  • Import field points back into the original model 
  • Add coordinate systems that match the job site 
  • Compare points, perform QA/QC and generate advanced point comparison reports

End-to-end Topcon workflow

Adopt an improved digital layout workflow to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce risk. Starting in the office, create points using Point Manager as a plug-in for Revit® or AutoCAD®. Then upload directly to your tablet in the field for project layout. Later upload deviation files from the field back to the office to update design models to match as-built conditions.

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