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Stay aware, even when you aren't there

Sitelink3D remotely syncs design files, assists operators and tracks site activities

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Remotely manage your job site

Sitelink3D is a web-based service providing managers, personnel and other stakeholders with a suite of tools to help them effectively manage, monitor and support their job sites. It offers site-wide data synchronization between all office users and all site´s machines, as well as for field crews from mobile devices or controllers.

Visualize your design data and site activities on the map for a complete overview of the job site.

Sort your design data into customizable tasks and give the operator just the right information for the job at hand. With the integrated remote view and control features assistance is never more than a few clicks away.

Sitelink3D utilizes the Topcon Service Point sales model, which allows customers to add credit to their myTopcon account. Regardless of the machines used or the number of job sites, service points will be consumed only when the service is in use. Therefore the customer does not have to pay attention to individual activations. Additional services such as the Haul Truck App or the Support Desk also access the Service Point model. Topcon provides solutions for a variety of scenarios with flexible hardware configurations that adapt to project and user requirements.

Connected applications such as Sitelink3D Exchange or Sitelink3D Insights can be used at no additional cost.

Stay on top of site activities with these benefits

  • Pay by the day for connected machines
  • Automated design data synchronization
  • Comprehensive site and task setup or simplified approach by Sitelink3D Exchange
  • Optional Support Desk for remote support, operator training and troubleshooting
  • Real-time 3D job site monitoring
  • Real-time productivity dashboard widgets for Hauling and Weighing
  • As-Built data is continuously recorded for Earthmoving and Compaction
  • Detailed Excel-friendly reports or direct import into MS-Excel with Sitelink3D Insights

Sitelink3D Exchange

It has never been so easy to bring data to the construction machinery. It takes just a few clicks to set up the site and upload the design data via OneDrive. As soon as the machine has connected, all data is synchronized fully automatically. Don't lose any time, transmit plan changes directly in seconds, even from mobile devices. Benefit from the clear user interface and the straightforward process.

Drag your data to the machine wherever you are.

Sitelink3D Insights

Building custom site reports directly in Excel? Wanting to QA your data? Needing to filter on certain machines, lifts, areas, tasks, delays, localizations or designs? Looking for areas of poor GPS performance at your site? Sitelink3D Insights provides Topcon users with easy access to detailed raw and processed data at Sitelink3D sites. It's as simple as a few clicks. Enjoy the freedom to easily format, visualize, automate, and create reports directly within Excel, taking your service point investment to the next level.

Download machine-level information into Excel for additional analysis or use in other systems.

Connect with Sitelink3D and Topnet Live services

The SL-25 component provides instant communication with Sitelink3D and enables GNSS correction services via Topnet Live. This 4G modem works with the MC-X1 controller commonly found in MC-X machine control systems.

Connect with Sitelink3D and Topnet Live services

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