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Know your performance

Adjust inputs for better yield

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Reap the rewards of precision

Capture accurate yield data and maximize profits with innovative grain and specialty crop monitoring solutions.

Enhanced yield analysis and prediction

Gain a clear, real-time picture of your harvest with our advanced yield monitoring technology. Precise yield data aids in analysis, enabling smarter, data-driven farming decisions.

Unmatched yield data accuracy

Leave no field unaccounted for with our precise grain cart weighing system solution. Access accurate yield data improving your reporting and inventory management while boosting overall profitability.

Specialized crop management

Our specialty crop yield monitoring technology provides the data you need to optimize next season's crop strategies. Understand yield variations to adjust next season's planting and crop care practices, maximizing the potential of each individual field.

Understand yield to make better decisions

From grain and specialty crop yield monitoring to grain cart weighing, Topcon offers harvest solutions that support the way you work.

Grain cart weighing system

Easily monitor and collect yield data for accurate harvest reports. Connect a Topcon data transfer device to further streamline the process.

Specialty crop yield monitoring

Deploy precision load cell-based, high-accuracy yield data solutions for specialty crops such as potatoes, sugar beets, onions, tomatoes, and more. Couple them with our digital farm management platform and data transfer devices to easily upload, analyze, and make better management decisions through the crop cycle.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our customers.

Fine-tuning inputs and boosting wheat yield

Doug Weist, an innovative dealer and farmer in Choteau, Montana, USA, has been at the forefront of precision agriculture technology for years. He explains that by integrating Topcon yield monitoring into his combine, he can understand performance in real time and utilize the data across other key phases of the cycle, including seeding and spraying.

Harvest data strategy streamlined

Jeremy Wilson shares how our grain cart weighing solution reduced hours of data crunching to mere minutes and improved his yield data accuracy. This system uses the GT 560 scale and allows the grain cart driver to just focus on driving. It gathers three important things: GPS location, moisture, and weight. Learn how you can improve harvest time workflow and collect more accurate yield data.

DeClark Farms: From start to finish

DeClark Farms is a progressive family farming operation out of Wakarusa, Indiana, focused on dry-land corn production. By incorporating Topcon technology at key phases of the farming cycle, they’ve gained deeper insight into their soil fertility, sharpened control, and boosted yields. See why they chose Topcon Agriculture to prepare for the data-driven future.

Sustainability goal priorities

The work we do as an organization complements and supports the sustainable development goals adopted at the UN Summit in 2015.
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