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Simplify back-office workflows

Field software to collect and process point clouds

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Transform your scanning workflow

When Collage Site is paired with Topcon’s GTL and GLS scanning solutions, one person can create survey points, scan, process, and view the scanned data in real time in the field. The software gives you instant access to critical information so you can quickly identify, analyze and fix project issues.

  • Automatically produce on-control scan data
  • Fully register in the field with no office support needed
  • Visualize processed data in real time
  • Obtain in-field QA results  including visual heatmaps or detailed analysis with Verity and Rithm
  • Communicate findings with stakeholders through the cloud using Collage Web

Reduce costs and resolve issues with ease

This productive workflow solution eliminates tedious setups, and lets field personnel perform tasks previously limited to the office. With Collage Site, your field and data-processing workflows are streamlined into a more intuitive process that any team member can easily master.
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