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Mini excavator solutions

Help operators lay out, dig, and check their work in less time

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Get to work, no wait. Easy workflow for your mini excavator to reduce (eliminate?) rework.

Forget waiting on others, now you can arrive onsite and get straight to work. With MC-Mobile solutions for your mini excavator, you can Measure, Design, and Build on your own. Stay in the cab and respond to any onsite design challenges to do it right, the first time.

Whether your mini excavator is your sole machine or part of a larger fleet, you can affordably take advantage of precise positioning technologies to get your jobs done faster, the first time.

Measure, Design, and Build with the same system.

MC-Mobile for mini excavators is a modular system combining a rugged tablet, low-costrobotic total station with a prism or GNSS receivers, and machine control components that allow operators to perform many tasks themselves that once required additional personnel and equipment.

The tablet can store digital plans, control the robotic total station or GNSS receiver, collect measurements, and communicate with the machine control system.

The tablet stays with you to move quickly and as needed between a range pole to measure precisely on the ground, to the cab of your mini excavator. This empowers you to stay flexible and lay out your work areas, excavate the site, check grade, and document your work when done.
Measure, Design, and Build with the same system.

1. IMU tilt sensor​

2. Controller

3. Android tablet​

4. 3D robotic laser​

5. 3D positioning sensors on machine

6. 3D positioning sensors on pole

Machine control solutions for your mini excavator are ideal for:

Small earthmoving


Swimming pools

Custom Landscaping

Parking lots


Curb construction

Residential construction

Major brands supported:










John Deere


Wacker Neuson

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