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Visualize, process, and share point clouds

Turn raw point cloud data into insightful 3D models

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Process, combine, and analyze point cloud data

Stitch together mobile and static scan data into one immersive 3D environment. MAGNET Collage combines, visualizes, and publishes raw point cloud data from lidar scanners, mobile mapping, BIM, CAD, GIS, or other sources. 

Working with your existing CAD and modeling workflows is simple

Once your consolidated point cloud or mesh is built, easily export the file to industry-standard modeling or CAD software or directly publish online with MAGNET Collage Web. 

MAGNET Collage Web: Collaboration made easy

Need to share your 3D models or collaborate with your team? MAGNET Collage Web allows you to upload and publish your datasets to the cloud, making them accessible to your distributed team members. Panorama, 3D, and map views, combined with split-screen functionality, make it easier to compare and annotate models.

Use cases

Surveying and construction jobs

Volume calculations

Surface modeling

Terrain analysis

Historical preservation projects

Environmental studies

Infrastructure management

Orthophoto creation

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