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Loving your Ex has never been so easy

Machine control that makes the earth move

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MC-Max will take you and your excavator to a whole new level

It is exactly what you need to get reconnected with your ex (your excavator, that is). The MC-Max platform offers increased precision, speed, accuracy, and scalability, all while keeping you connected… so you can take care of business. Now go ahead, make that earth move.

The benefits of an MC-Max love connection

By implementing MC-Max on your excavator, you’ll get a machine that you’ll love more than you ever have. Below are just a few ways you’ll be able to rekindle that passion.

Allows you to dimensionally dig

Bucket-depth indication and 3D automatic mode ensures that you never over-or under excavate.


Ability to adapt to the environment

Stay in control at every phase of a job with the use of switch guidance modes.


Allows you to be multi-talented

Let your excavator become part surveyor, part operator, and part grade checker. All while you focus on getting the job done right the first time.


The impact of MC-Max on Florida-based Tomahawk Construction

By adding machine control on their excavator fleet, Florida-based Tomahawk Construction is managing costs in their operation, while also keeping their operators in the cab moving dirt (and water).

MC-Max, you and your excavator!

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Let MC-Max from Topcon take you and your excavator to a whole new level 

Working job sites without machine control on your heavy equipment simply isn’t going to keep you in the game. Watch the video to get a better understanding of the love you’ll feel.

“You don't always have seasoned operators that know exactly how something is supposed to look. And as a matter of fact, it’s getting harder to find those guys that have 20 years of experience. So, if you have guys that don't have a lot of experience and you put them on a machine with MC-Max, they can see right away what is the right way to do it and what is the wrong way to do it”.

— Al Ruiz, Superintendent, Tomahawk Construction

Read success stories from MC-Max users

Automation helps construction specialists meet challenges in innovative South Florida development project

Florida-based Mitchell & Stark Construction is transforming previously undeveloped acreage into the community of tomorrow using a smaller — yet far more efficient — workforce than ever. And MC-Max is at the heart of the work. Read more about how they fell in love with it.

Tucker Paving extends its already-solid embrace of automation to its excavators

In a construction business environment that increasingly demands speed and efficiency from its players, the onus is on contractors to meet those demands — and they are doing so in a range of new and differing ways. For Florida construction specialist Tucker Paving, already a decade-long proponent of GPS-based machine control, that has meant drawing on that same technology to step up the excavation facet of their game. Long story short, they love MC-Max!