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Say hello to your next employee of the month

An easy-to-use 3D laser is the ideal team player

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An easy-to-use 3D layout tool

This 3D laser from Topcon really will be your next employee of the month. It’s a layout navigator that will make your crew even stronger and trust us when we tell you, you’ll discover a whole new level of productivity, accuracy, and versatility.

What your employee of the month can do for you

Time savings

A 3D laser gets right to work. Use it in place of tape and stakes and watch as your crews become far more productive.

Increased accuracy

Eliminating tape and stakes isn’t possible without an easy-to-use 3D laser. You’ll be more accurate than you have ever been, and it'll take one person and the LN-150 to get you there.

No rework

You read that right. Adding an easy-to-use 3D laser to your jobs means increased precision and little to no rework. That’s money in the bank from your newest employee (of the month).

Saving clients time and money with an easy-to-use 3D laser

By adding a 3D laser on its jobs, Arizona-based Terraform Development was able to significantly cut down on the time it took to get a job done so they could get on to the next site. Now, the precision and accuracy of this easy-to-use 3D laser, even in harsh desert climates, plays an essential role in every project they take on saving clients time and money.

This 3D laser could be your next employee of the month!

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Let this easy-to-use 3D laser go right to work, right away for you

Everything about this 3D laser (called an LN-150), from the advanced technology inside, to its clean and innovative design, is a game changer for layout. With Topcon time-proven and robotic total station technologies, the instrument offers a totally new tool that’s easy to use, without sacrificing the accuracy and versatility needed for all types of construction layout.

“We’re building a six-story hotel with post-tension flooring and structural slabs. Doing post-tension decks is a big issue. Being spot on with all your layout is a very important thing. There’s no possible option for rework if we mess it up.” So, the (3D laser) is a great tool for that!”

— Conner Ferrand, Crawford Mechanic Services

Read how real LN-150 users are finding a whole new level of productivity, accuracy, and versatility

Custom swimming pool firm taps new technology for increase in efficiency

Seeking to improve the layout process for pool design and construction, Signature Pools turned to a Topcon 3D laser/LN-150 robotic layout navigator. Doing so, not only shortened layout times and improved accuracies, it opened doors to additional areas in which the instrument might pay future dividends.

New York contractor streamlines workflow with Topcon technology

On a student design center project, Frederico Development & Construction (FCD) knew they needed a GPS solution to help streamline the project. What they learned has now become a staple on every project. A 3D laser/LN-150 is exactly what they needed, and they don’t work without it.

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